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Gtech7 is not an ordinary web design agency.

Our kick-ass websites are built on solid foundations of SEO, neatly wrapped in lashings of intelligent design and digital wizardry. All this means is that you can rely on us to build you a site that brings you heaps of business.


…creating a website that tops the Google rankings, and then keeping it there.

We’ll nail that digital journey so your would-be customers find you easily and click on your link in the search results. Then once on your site they’ll thoroughly enjoy their experience and find all the information they need to then take that next step… whatever that may be.

We don’t know of any other web design agencies that put SEO into practice on our web design projects as much as we do.


they help you to understand what kind of people we are and whether you’ll enjoy working with us

We won’t bamboozle you with tech speak. 

We’ll only recommend a solution we truly believe will benefit you.

We’ll always be quick to respond to your emails and requests.

We’re 100% committed to bringing the best results for our customers

our mission

From humble beginnings, frustrated by the volume of web design agencies out there that offer style but no substance, Gtech7 was born with the mission of delivering both in equal measures. When a business invests in a website, they should expect a return on that investment. 

Do you want to get our quality service for your business?