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MOBILE APPS Reskinning

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Looking for Android App Reskin, Then you have come in the right place. I will modify, update, enhance, reskin, rebrand, or setup your android app. I can do work on your Code canyon, Cadaster, Sell my app or any source code (Android Studio compatible).

We are changing applications completely and I'm putting out different applications. The fee for this service varies from $ 10 to $ 25. So please contact before ordering. I will review your application and give you the best price. 

What can I do?

Change app name

Change Package name and create sign apk

Change Logo/Splash Image

We make all the adjustments in the application (Admob, Firebase, Onsignal, In-App Purchase, etc.)

We changing the colors and style file of your application.

Host admin panel on your server.

Firebase deployment.

And much more.

What will you get?

All source code

The release signed apk/aab.

and of course always my support

If you do not have a Google Play console you will need an additional On time Payment fo Google $ 25 to purchase it

App reskinning means enveloping an already existing source code in a new design. You can also slightly modify or develop the source code, provided that the main idea remains the same. Although this process is much more popular in gaming apps, it can be done with all kinds of apps.

When you are browsing through the app store, you might come across some similar-looking apps, ones that have a similar idea and design but are not exactly the same. Those are reskinned apps.

Why Consider App Reskinning?

There are huge perks to opting not to build a completely new app from scratch. The 3 main objectives behind choosing to reskin apps are the following:

  • Reskinning apps saves money
  • Reskinning apps takes less time
  • Companies can reskin an app with less labor

Reskinning an app is a strategic approach that can save businesses time and resources. 

1. Reskinning Saves Money

Buying a ready-made source code is cheaper than developing it.

The other benefit of this includes accruing profit from targeting different audiences through reskinned apps, which saves money over creating a completely new app for a different target audience.

2. App Reskins Save Time

Because you are not working on code from scratch, the time creating the app is also reduced substantially.

App development companies estimate that it takes an average of 3–9 months to build an app from scratch. Reskinning requires fewer resources, so development time will be significantly less than this average for those who opt to reskin.

There is no exact time frame for developing a reskinned app, as it depends on various factors such as:

  • The app’s concept
  • The quality of purchased code
  • The number of graphic elements.

This time, however, is far less than developing a project from scratch.

Be aware that complicated development projects tend to take longer.

3. Reskinning Saves Labor

Whenever I talk about app reskinning and saving labor, I think of John Hayward-Mayhew.

Mayhew is a young entrepreneur and founder of popular casino mobile app company Toochill. Mayhew created 600 iOS apps in 4 years and gained 25 million downloads.

The most fascinating part: Mayhew cannot even code!

Mayhew built a one-man empire just by following the reskinning process. He focused on developing multiple reskinned apps instead of waiting for one app developed from scratch to find success.

So, with Mahew’s story, it is clear that to earn a good profit from app development, you don’t need to learn to code and you don’t need a large budget; what you need is a sound knowledge of app reskinning.

6 Steps of App Reskinning

I have broken the reskinning process into 6 steps that can serve as your checklist when you begin app reskinning. Here are 6 steps to reskinning an app for time, money, and labor savings:

  1. Use development tools
  2. Locate source code
  3. Research trends in the App Store
  4. Start reskinning 
  5. Create developer and advertising accounts
  6. Market your app

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